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I am Patrick Perdue! I am bad for you!

A collection of irrelevant, useless misinformation

Patrick Perdue
29 May 1984
On May 29, 1984, a bad person came into existence. This person was later to be named Dustin Patrick Perdue.
Born and raised in Greensboro, NC (where he currently resides), Dustin, more commonly known as Patrick, was cursed in conception with a genetic condition called Norrie's syndrome, which, among other things, usually guarantees total blindness, and, in some cases, loss of mental faculties, hearing loss, bowel control, and many other bad things.

Patrick grew up playing musical instruments of many descriptions, but never became a virtuoso. At the age of 1, he started learning how to pick out simple tunes on the piano under the watchful eye of his babysitter.
Subsequent years didn't improve his skill all that much, but Patrick still considers it great fun to pretend he can play keys, guitar, some brass and woodwind instruments, and has just recently began teaching himself to play drums.

Patrick has also spent far too much of his time playing with computers.
In 2002, Patrick received the NC Governor's award for excellence in work-force development for becoming the first high school student in the state of North Carolina to become a certified CNA (Novell 4.11) and Microsoft MCP (Windows 2000 Professional). Patrick's I.T. career, however, never went any farther than a short-lived, part-time job.

Today, Patrick spends his time being a reasonably good failure at life, while wasting resources, living at home with his parents, and creating a general disturbance everywhere he goes, including his blog.